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Welcome to Nalanda Public School Charthawal with is you will discover new and different experiences in supportive, dynamic, matchable, suitable environment N.P.S. Charthawal exciting, exhilarating and enterprising. Not to be surprising they that studing and taking knowledge in the field of Education. Citizens welfare society was set up to established Nalanda Public School Charthawal which has a vision to redefine the modern concept of education. School opened is door for the first batch. The school is unique curriculum to the infuse of the best Indian culture with the required western culture with damage the ethics customs and traditious to grooming our students to become truly global citizen of new era. The present and future generations they have become with new attitude aptitude, demands, challenges, requirement of Global citizen. Our aims is to bring about an all bound developments so that they may have courage and confidence, determinations and become dedicated and competent enough to free the challenges and realities of life.

Major Features

  • 1.
    Parents-Teacher Meeting

    The meeting between parents and teacher is organized after every unit test cycle and term examinations as per the school's calendar to ensure co-ordination; follow up proper cane and welfare of students & feed backing the progress about scholastics and co-scholastics performances.

  • 2.
    Sport's Complex

    Nalanda Public School Charthawal set up a new sports complex which includes a state of the art Basketball Court, Football, Cricket pitch, Tennis Courts, and indoor game facilities with special Coaches. Every student is given ample opportunity to avail all these facilities.

  • 3.
    School Transportation System

    The school has arranged the facility for in and around the Rajpur Chhajpur. The smooth playing of the sufficient number of buses and vans is the responsibility of school. To avail this facility parents need to contact the school transportation incharge. All the students and parents expected to follow the bus/ transport rules.

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